Visions, Values and Strategy


To be Number One cosmetic hospital in the UK, where customers feel safe and know that they will receive the best of care from a highly skilled team, utilising innovative and proven technics in healthcare. We are also a learning hospital with a team that listens attentively to the voice of our patients so that we can for ever improve their safety and comfort and meet their expectations for aesthetic outcomes.


Positively Welcoming

At the London Welbeck Hospital we interact with clients, their cares and family and with each other to be positively nurturing and welcoming. We provide an environment in which the client has a positive experience, feels safe, cared for and is comfortable


Clearly Communicating

We recognise the importance of listening and communicating clearly and we strive to understand client’s needs and expectations. We take responsibility for consistently delivering excellence and being open in all that we do.

Visibly Reassuring

  • We comply with all regulatory requirements: legal, safety, healthcare and administrative.

  • We respond to our clients with care compassion and professionalism.

  • We continually monitor our services, recording and retaining results. We evaluate results and act on outcomes.

Actively Respectful

  • We recognise that people are different and value everyone equally.

  • We treat everyone equally, with integrity and respect.

Highly Professional

Our clinical staff including surgeons, nurses and allied healthcare professionals are highly skilled and trained to meet regulatory requirements and professional standards. We embrace new technology in-line with current and emerging industry innovations. We deliver evidence based practice in line with cosmetic industry standards.

Mission/ Purpose

The London Welbeck is a private cosmetic hospital dedicated to providing the best of patient experience in a safe and professional environment.

Organisational wide strategy

The cosmetic surgery world is evolving. The LWH leadership team understand this and demonstrate that they identify and act to meet emerging regulatory requirements and trends in cosmetic surgery. Changes and challenges can affect our organisation culture, systems and processes. To meet these shifts, the LWH leadership team engages with employees, drawing on their vast knowledge and experience. Also, employees are assessed on a regular basis and are required to participate in professional development programmes to improve their skills.

Who are we?

The London Welbeck Hospital is a privately owned organisation dedicated to providing the best of services and care in the field of cosmetics surgery. Our team of surgeons and healthcare professionals are some of the best in the industry. Whilst we operate from London, our patients come from all over the world trusting in our name, values and integrity. We provide all cosmetics services and work with industry partners, servicing the needs of our clients.


We are motivated by our core values. We want our clients to know that they will receive the best of care in a safe and professional environment and in the most cost effective manner.  Our employees are treated equally and with great integrity and management delivers on its promises with employment rewards, training and development to match industry standards.