Dr. Ravi Jain

Dr Ravi Jain graduated from The London Hospital Medical College in 1995, and has trained in gynecology, dermatology and general practice. He has been a full time Aesthetic Doctor since 2007 and has a vast amount of experience in non-surgical rejuvenation as well as body contouring.


Dr Ravi Jain is highly regarded as one of the UK leading VASER Specialists. He has taught doctors and plastic surgeons in the technique all over the world but now focusses on producing the highest level of results on his own patients.


Dr Jain was the first UK doctor to be trained in the 4D Lipo technique, offering all of his patients highly contoured liposculpture, the degree of which is up to the patient. His kind, approachable and honest manner are welcomed by his patients. A recent survey of his work revealed that 97% of his patients were happy with their results and would recommend Dr Jain to others.


Dr Ravi Jain has a real passion for body sculpting and this shows in his attention to detail and in his results. Over the last few years, he has continued to further his craft by travelling the world gaining experience from other leaders in their field, in order to maximise the results his patients expect from him. he believes that liposuction is not just about fat removal and de-bulking, but a blend of science and art where we should try and create the most aesthetically pleasing body shapes possible.


Dr Jain demands the highest standards from himself and is often more critical of his work that others. He believes in under-promising and over-delivering results and that this approach is a key to patient satisfaction.


During today's presentation Dr Jain will explain why he believes that liposculpting will never be replaced by non-invasive methods, but how they can be used adjunctively. He will describe the principles of high definition liposculpting and demonstrate the types of results possible. And finally, he will explain the types of common complications with liposculpture and what can be done to remedy them.

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