(Face Lift)

During the ageing process skin can lose its elasticity and fatty tissue under the skin may start to shrink in volume. This could cause skin to cease to follow the contour of the face so closely and therefore become loose. This process becomes more noticeable in the cheek area at the bulk of the cheek, resulting in a fold of tissue from the side of the nose to below the jaw line, causing a heavy jowl.

The Rhytidectomy procedure is the removal of loose skin and tightening of sagging muscles. Many creams, medications and facial exercises have been used as anti-ageing methods; however none of these significantly affect the ageing process. The most effective way of significantly altering an unfavourable appearance is to have this kind of surgery.
There are a variety of corrective procedures available to counteract these changes.

Our experienced cosmetic surgeons will explain the appropriate procedure for you at the time of consultation.

In general, the facelift procedure involves the removal of excess skin from the cheek, chin and neck area, and the operation is carried out, usually under general anaesthetic, by one of our highly skilled surgeons. There are a number of adoptive procedures but in principle the incision begins in the temple, behind the hairline which runs down in front of the ear, and extends along the inside of the hairline towards the back of the head. The resulting scars fade in time to become barely visible.

The length of stay in the hospital is usually one night, and the sutures are removed after one week. Any swelling or bruising should disappear within two weeks at which time it should be acceptable to return to work. Although, in most cases, the change in facial appearance is remarkable, improvement is gradual and will continue for some months.

It is necessary to come for a pre-operative assessment at the hospital about a week prior to surgery. This takes about 30 minutes. It is also vital to attend post-operative consultations.

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