Correction of Inverted Nipple

Plastic surgery is one method of protracting inverted nipples. If a woman elects to have this surgery performed on her inverted nipples, it can normally performed as a day case procedures and patients are able to go home after few hours following the surgery, some women may be asked to remain in the hospital overnight.


However, the patients are advised to avoid driving immediately after the procedure because they will be still under the effect of anesthesia. therefore it is best to be driven home by a friend or relative. The main side effects of surgery are pain, swelling and sensitivity in the nipple area which can last for up to two weeks after the procedure has been performed.

Recovery time is however different with each patient. Patients are encouraged to move around immediately after surgery and after they get home they are recommended to stay in bed for 2 days following the procedure. Patients can generally go back to work in a week after the surgery.

Immediately after the procedure the nipples will more likely feel sore. The soreness should diminish however within few days. Most of the time, patients are prescribed pain killers to help them cope with the discomfort.

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